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Saturday's Wish List: Kentucky

Other than a Gators victory, here's what we want to see today. All of these are the wishes of a 23 year old who just happens to have a blog. So leave your suggestions or insults about my level of intelligence in the comments.

1. CI gets five catches for 75 yards.
A carry over from our LSU wish list...Eventually, we'd like to see CI become the third most important player in this offense behind Tebow and Harvin. Maybe that happens next season, but why not start that process now?

2. Time of possession: +5:00.
In back to back games, we've seen a defense get worked over on a final drive. We hate sounding like cavemen, but running the ball and a short passing game is a good thing. It's hard to balance the need of a fast start with big plays and the desire of keeping our defense off the field. But the Gators need to conserve their defense as much as possible. Which leads to...

3. Moore gets 20 carries.
We keep hearing about the spread being a running offense, so let's turn Tebow around and put the ball in Moore's belly. (He's averaging 11.3 carries a game so far.) This game could turn into a shootout, but UK is also very physical. Let Moore take a pounding and use Harvin and Tebow when necessary.

4. Joe Haden: Five tackles and two passes defended.
The team is recovering from the loss of Michael Guilford, but Haden also lost his girlfriend, who was on the back of Guilford's motorcycle. Someone in Haden's position will not know how they will react until they make a play. Hopefully he continues being fantastic. The return of Markihe Anderson (who is questionable, but is insisting he'll play) should also help the secondary.

5. Pressure. Please.
UK has only allowed 10 sacks this season. It's going to take a special effort from Derrick Harvey because the rest of the d-line can not be trusted to get in the backfield. Andre Woodson usually stays in the pocket, so maybe if Harvey gets up field enough, he will force Woodson into the middle and a sack. (Last game, we called this "more blitzing". But with Woodson, the Gators may end up dropping 7 or 8 each play.)

6. No special teams mistakes.
Assuming that the two penalties in the LSU game is a sign of progress on that front, now we need to worry about special teams. This is a group that has already allowed a fake field goal, and we don't need to see that again. The strangest thing about UF's special teams is that they have not allowed a punt return all season. I can't imagine that continuing. On punt returns, the Wildcats average 7.63 yards per return, and about 23 yards on kick returns. They have also allowed two kick return TDs. `Cold Blooded' Brandon James is a fan of the UK kickoff team.

7. The streak continues.
UF has won 20 consecutive over Kentucky. All things must come to an end and this is the best chance UK has to do that. But Florida is also looking to snap a two game losing streak. I know it's entirely possible to lose three games this season, but three in a row? No way. For good karma and to stick it to UK, I'm pulling out the Jo Noah jersey. Love it.