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Breakfast With Alligator Army: October 21st

  • If the Gators win out and take the SEC, Pat Dooley thinks we'll look back on the Gators' last TD drive as a season changing moment. After the huge return by `Cold Blooded' Brandon James, UF was in business with good field position. Give credit to Meyer, Mullen, and Mr. Tebow for having the guts to call to pass plays (which could have stopped the clock) and convert them. This was the drive that was missing in the Auburn and LSU games.
  • Maybe the missing ingredient in the last two games was Tampa's Bubba Caldwell. Six catches for 73 and a TD, plus two runs for 20 yards, was essential for UF (last night I wrote he had 11 touches, that was a fact error). And for all the discussion over Harvin's increased role in the offense; with a healthy Bubba, Harvin had the same number of touches as Caldwell (six run, two catch) and six more yards.
  • If you didn't see it, there was an article on CNNMoney about Gator Boosters and exactly how much money is necessary to maintain the UAA. A lot of people my age weren't exactly thrilled when North-South Drive was renamed for Gale Lemerand, but he claims to have given so much money to UF, he has lost track of it. Whether that is true or not, Lemerand and guys like Stumpy Harris have also become an inspiration to my generation of Gators. That's because we know if we make enough money in our lives to give $15,000 a year back to UF and get one of those skyboxes, we know we have been pretty successful in our lives.
  • And finally my favorite story of the day, Vegas would like to tell Rich Brooks, "Screw you," after the Wildcats failed to break the cover. Depending on your source, the line was UF -7 or -6.5, and UF won by eight. After the game ended, you could see Brooks wanting to get the field goal unit out there. But there is an NCAA rule which actually says the extra point cannot be attempted. How classy would that have looked if UK wanted the PAT so they could cover? Also, I love this headline from UK's website.