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Second BCS Rankings and The Outside Shot

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Your Florida Gators are now 11th in the BCS standings. Not only does that give us fans a chance to hope for a BCS bid (even as an at-large team) but USF is 10th so it gives them one more week of pretending that they are best in the state. (Do you realize that there are USF students who think they got screwed by the refs in the Rutgers game? Um, you allowed a fake punt and fake FG to be converted, plus allowed 170 on the ground. Maybe the refs should have helped you tackle. Ok, end rant.) Once again, seven SEC teams are in the BCS 25, with Bama replacing Tennessee.

With Georgia coming Saturday, and Urban's record against The Rivals, it's hard not to do the prediction game. All we know right now is that the Gators control their own destiny, and that's all that you can ask for. Get to Atlanta and it's a new season. But we're optimists and we still have a National Championship to defend.

The twenty minute conversation you have with your buddy that includes lines like, "If BC loses to Virginia Tech, and Oregon loses to USC..." is what makes all of this heart attack inducing or the reason why college football is so much fun. (It even makes us write long sentences.) The possibility of a two-loss team in the title game was unthinkable until this season. Of course, this should be in realm of fandom, where all high school DBs run sub 4.4 forties and Tim Tebow is built of iron and holy water. But even real writers think it could happen.

We already tried predicting just the SEC East and that is now a glorious mess. But, thinking nine teams in front of UF could lose, and no one over takes us? That's crazy. You're crazy. But I like you.

Oh, by the way, Welcome To Georgia Week.