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The Two Sides

-- You know that your argument sucks when your logic is based on mathematical patterns. As in, eventually, the law of averages will come into play. That's the basis behind this Macon Telegraph article.

Secondly, if the law of averages means anything, it's about time for Georgia to get back on the board against its most-hated rival (Most-hated has to be added there because Georgia has so many rivals: Florida, Tennessee, Auburn and Georgia Tech just to name a few, but that's another column altogether)...

All of that adds up to this fact: This run that the Gators have been on can't go on forever. Eventually, Georgia will be competitive with Florida again and maybe even take control of the series again. But right now, most Georgia fans would take a win over Florida every couple of years or so. Baby steps, you know.

Yes anything can happen, but sports are also the realm of curses like the Billy Goat, the Black Sox, the Bambino, 1940, and the SI Cover Jinx. Of those, only the Billy Goat and the Jinx survive, so yes anything is possible. But, it was also possible that Kentucky beat UF Saturday and that didn't happen. We're not saying UGA is cursed, but UK might be.

Besides, the Florida-Georgia series has been defined by runs. UGA won the first six, and 17 of 20 games between 1931-51, including a 75-0 win for the Dawgs in 1942. (There was no game in '43.) The Gators then ripped off 10 of 12 from '52-'63. Georgia's last run was 10 of 12 from '78 to '89, and Florida has lost only twice since then. UGA is going to have to play their best game of the season, and hope UF plays their worst, to win.

-- If you're headed to Jacksonville, we suggest taking a look at Gators For Mark Richt for game day apparel. The website advocates UGA keeping Richt as head coach because of his fantastic record against the Gators. However, this is a Championship Mode game, so those are the clothes that should be in your rotation.

-- Finally, our friends at The Sports Tap interviewed Chris Doering this week to preview the World's Largest Outdoor Adult Beverage Party. It's worth listening to just to hear Doering drop some backhanded compliments on the Dawgs.