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Be Physical and Win

Georgia, like the rest of the SEC East, is hard to figure out. Nice wins against Bama and Oklahoma State are weighed against horrific games against South Carolina, Tennessee, and Vandy. Of those three, Georgia is 1-2, with the escape over Vandy as a win.

But since each of those games were on TV, we got to see what got under Georgia's skin; physical play. SC and Vandy play good, hard defense and are in the top-5 of SEC total and scoring defense. While UT's defense has been truly atrocious in two games this season, they came alive against UGA. In all three games listed, UGA was limited to less than 400 yards of total offense and only got to 20 points once (when their scoring average is about 28).

Asking this young defense to be physical though is a stretch. Six sacks in the Kentucky game was great and Brandon Spikes is playing beautifully, but the Gator defense still can't win on fourth down (UK was 4-5) and UK had too much success with screens. That means LBs and DBs are either too far downfield (entirely possible in this system) and they are not fighting off blocks well enough.

It may take Strong and Mattison to turn the DBs loose in order to win Saturday. You can't rely on winning shootouts and the Gator defense needs one big game. If the DBs start jamming at the line and Major Wright becomes the assassin we all think he can be, Saturday can be that day.