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Classic Moments In Championship Mode: The 1984 Florida-Georgia Game

October is the official month of Championship Mode. While January has bowl games and the Super Bowl and March has the NCAA basketball tournament, October has the baseball playoffs and two rivalry games for UF. Unfortunately, this month has gone pretty poorly, at least for me;

The Yankees lose as Joe Torre leaves and our most famous fan sells his soul to the devil to win a few votes, the Gators were thisclose to upsetting LSU in the first Championship Mode game, the Bucs lose a major player to injury each week, and suddenly the Lightning can't stop the puck.

But, next week is November and the Gators suddenly have the momentum. For today's Championship Mode, we visit a time when that wasn't necessarily the case.

1984 should have been a championship year for the Gators. After a loss to Miami, and tie with LSU to start the season, the Gators ripped nine wins in a row to end the season. The SEC title was theirs, but in name only as UF wasn't invited to the Sugar Bowl due to NCAA investigation. In April of 1985, the SEC title was officially taken away.

But it's hard to imagine anyone being too worried about that as Florida led 17-0 in the third quarter of the 1984 game. Georgia had a chance to punch it in from the five and maintain the Dawgs' seven game winning streak in the series.

As the quarter ended, the Gators were still trapped in their own end after the goal line stand. That is until Kerwin Bell hit Ricky Nattiel on a play out of the Urban Meyer book.

We hope you enjoyed the selections and remember to be in Championship Mode this weekend.