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The Return of Kyle Jackson. Get excited.

Now that Major Wright is listed as "very questionable", it looks more and more that Kyle Jackson will make his triumphant return in Jacksonville. Unfortunately, in four years, Jackson has not made a name for himself. Unless you think keeping a seat warm for Reg Nelson or Major Wright is an important position.

The position was Jackson's until the Georgia game in 2005. In that game, Nelson got the start and recorded seven tackles and a pick. And we all know what happened after that. Jackson started this season, but after displaying the same tackling technique I used in pee-wee football, Wright took over. With the secondary already struggling, adding Jackson to the mix could create major issues.

If Wright plays, it's in a cast, but at least he's in game shape. Who knows what the physical and mental stamina is for Jackson? The biggest problem for Jackson is that his service to Florida Football seems to be the gap between the Nelson and Wright terms (or Will Hill?). Hopefully, he proves us all wrong and makes a name for himself.

And in case you need to be reminded of what Reggie Nelson did, here you go. It's video day!