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Sarah G: Bringing The Good Karma/Gator Nation Hero

Last week, we introduced the Gator Nation Hero series and Bringing The Good Karma. This week, we bring them back in honor of a good friend who will be in Jacksonville this weekend.

For the past two weeks, our friend Sarah was stuck in Shands Hospital. As things continued to get worse, there was the very real possibility of her facing major surgery. But, despite her petite stature, she displayed the ferociousness of Earl Everett chasing down Troy Smith and left Shands this week.

Always a loyal fan, Miss Sarah is hitting US 301 and diving up to Jacksonville to support the Gators. Now some of you may say, "Big deal, she's just another hot chick rooting for the Gators." But that's where you're wrong. You see, Sarah is a believer in Championship Mode and may even be a good luck charm. Take a look at the last three road trips she has taken;

10/28/2006- Florida vs. Georgia at Jacksonville: Gators win 21-14.

1/8/2007- Florida vs. Ohio State at Glendale, AZ: Gators win 41-14.

4/2/2007- Ohio State vs. Florida at Atlanta: Gators win 84-75.

So if UF wins Saturday, it won't be because of Urban's superior game plan or Kyle Jackson knocking three UGA wides out of the game. No, it will be because the cute brunette from St. Augustine was in attendance. Seriously.

We salute you Sarah G! Alligator Army raises a glass of Gatorade in your honor.

I'm sure we could have used a picture of Miss Sarah in a Gator shirt, but I'm sure you will enjoy this picture more.