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Bella's Breakdown

Sure, you could read another Gator blog and get much more intelligent analysis. But who gives you a Labrador Retriever as a writer? Alligator Army baby! So here's my yellow lab Bella. Take it away puppy.

When mlm told me that Florida was playing the Bulldogs this weekend I was more excited than when I get steak fat. You see, I hate bulldogs; English bulldogs, white bulldogs, Georgia Bulldogs, even The British Bulldog. I'm not a snob, I play with other dogs. But bulldogs think their butts don't stink. Guess what? We all poop.

According to what I've read (yes I can read, Labs are very smart) Georgia has only won two football titles, same as Florida. And the last one was in 1980. So why do Bulldogs keep acting like they're some national power? Ohhhh, you have a history? Well, that's nice. But, who can run like the wind and win seven SEC titles since 1991? Labradors and the Gators. By the way, Herschel Walker doesn't play for you anymore. And who is this girl Lindsay Scott?

As for my reason why I hate bulldogs, I met a bulldog in puppy training and he was such a jerk. He was one of those white bulldogs who had a problem with my mom being a Black Lab and my dad a Yellow. Come on! This is 2007! I was going to stay away from him, but he kept trying to sniff me. I guess girl Bulldogs aren't that cute, so the boy Bulldogs have to flirt with other breeds. I guess that makes sense because the same thing will happen with humans in Jacksonville.

As for the game, I'm picking the Gators to win 27-17. But even if Georgia wins, people will still think Bulldogs are ugly.

The author is a two year old Yellow Lab and native of Crystal River, Florida. She also supports Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida and American Bulldog Rescue.