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Alligator Army Game Day Notebook: October 27th

-- It's a three game season now. I think the best realistic scenario for this team at the beginning of the season was a SEC East title and now UF has that in the crosshairs. But, Georgia is still in this race too. The difference is that the Gators control their own destiny and UGA needs help.

-- There is the possibility that we get to see both Pouncey twins today as Mike Pouncey would take over for Carlton Medder and his bum wheel at right tackle. That means he lines up next to his brother Maurkice.

-- If you need to be reminded why this game is so important from a rivalry standpoint, here's a Shane Matthews interview from Thursday night on The Sports Tap.

-- The Georgia bull's-eye will be on the back of Mr. Tim Tebow. Every time I start to think that Tebow won't be facing low tackles at his knees or late hits, I get to see a quote like this;

"He does make everything flow," Georgia middle linebacker Marcus Washington said. "But if we kill his spirits, we probably kill the team's spirits."

-- Finally, I want to revisit a Chris Fowler column prior to the Auburn game. It isn't significant for his analysis of UF or the Bulldogs, but how Georgia fans look at our baby rhino.

Last week fans at Ole Miss, fresh off a stinging loss to Florida, gathered around the fence next to the field to slap hands with Tebow and ask for his autograph. It will be, you see, his one and only trip to Oxford and Rebel fans wanted to get close to this folk hero in the making.
Then there's the flip side. Georgia fans surrounded our set after the Dawgs OT win at Tuscaloosa. Chants of "We want Florida" quickly dissolved into "Tebow Sucks."

Watch out Georgia. Timmy Tebow is coming to get you and your stupid dog.