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Performing A Public Service: Florida's SEC Chances

Thank God October will be over in a few days because this month has sucked. The pain began September 29th with the Gators loss to Auburn. Then came the losses to LSU and Georgia, and a slide in the polls and the East table. We now realize our quarterback is not made of stone, our offensive coordinator calls plays like an eight year old playing `Madden', and we have two senior safeties that couldn't cover me.

But sports are amazing and anything is possible. Despite Outback Bowl officials salivating over a possible Illinois-Florida game, there is a chance for the Gators to go to Atlanta. And not for the Peach Bowl. It may take a Colorado Rockies-like run (you rip people as everyone in front of you breaks their legs), but let's take a look at the division anyway.

Teams listed in order of standings. However, UT is above UGA due to holding the tiebreaker.

  • With wins over UGA, and South Carolina, Tennessee (3-2 SEC) is the team that controls their own destiny in the East. To get to Atlanta, they have to win out.
  • The Bulldogs (4-2) are next, but don't have the tiebreaker against UT or South Carolina. If they win out and UT loses, UGA goes to Atlanta.
  • Yes, it's possible for South Carolina (3-3) to make Atlanta. But at 2-2 in the division, it makes the Gators quest look easy. The Gamecocks need to win out, Georgia to fall, two losses for UT, and a loss for Vandy.
  • The Gators (3-3) need a lot of help. It could have started Saturday night, but SC couldn't top UT in overtime. Like everyone else, UF needs to win out, have UT lose and UGA lose twice to go to the title game.
See? We have a chance!
  • Actually, Kentucky (2-3) can make a quick climb up the table if they win out. If the `Cats defeat VU, UGA, and UT they will need losses from UF and SC to win their first SEC East title.
  • Finally, Vandy (2-3) has one of the more direct chances to win the East. They need UGA to lose twice and win out since they have UF, Kentucky, and UT in the next three weeks.
If I didn't have a horse in this race, I'd say this was a hell of a league. UGA, SC, and UK are bowl eligible and the rest of the East is a game away. In the West, only Ole Miss has no shot at the post season. Mississippi Freaking State is even 5-4 overall. Anyone can win in this league (witness Miss State and UK today) so next week's Vandy-UF game should not be taken lightly.

If you see any inaccuracies in the scenarios, or just want to chew me out, leave a comment or drop us a line at

Update [2007-10-28 11:56:9 by mlmintampa]: As mentioned by our man Tim C., Florida would have a chance at the East if there is a three or four way tie. We'll break that down when we do our BCS update tonight. -mlm