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Breakfast With Alligator Army: October 28th

  • It hasn't been a good few months for Georgia. Michael Vick is going to prison, the Braves missed the playoffs, and needed rains came to Tampa and New Orleans, but not Atlanta. So they needed yesterday's victory. It's hard to estimate the psychological advantage Florida had in this series and finally Georgia swung back. As someone who is not a native and therefore missed the Georgia domination of this series, this game was something new for me. This wasn't like Zook's loss or Spurrier's. The Gators got smacked around in this game. Forget about worrying about the horrific defense. I'm more worried that we have guys who don't want to hit.
  • Of course, that could mean this rivalry is restored. Among my age group, we probably take this game less seriously than Tennessee, LSU, or Florida State. And my age group includes the guys on the team, so you know that seeped into some of their heads. Hopefully this means that Gator fans will now start going to Jacksonville to destroy UGA and not to party.
  • For some of you Knowshon Moreno looked like Herschel Walker and that can't be good. The freshman had three rushing TDs, two catches for 17 yards, and 33 carries for 193 yards. The kid was absolutely fantastic. Since he was able to pound the line, that ended up freeing Massaquoi and Henderson on their long TDs. One of the comments last night talked about how those passing TDs would have never happened with Reggie Nelson. Florida's corners can't use the inside technique if Joiner or Jackson can't step in and eliminate someone like Nelson could. In Urban's first year, the UGA game was a shift in style. It may be the same thing this year.
  • Finally, just a note on Tebow...I think at this point we all understand this is a rebuilding year and next year may be the same. If that is truly the case, then Meyer has to start thinking long term with Tebow. The only way we can get Tebow for four years is if we start conserving him. Baseball teams do a great job of gently pushing along pitchers (just look at the two World Series teams), well, why haven't we done that here? And don't tell me pitchers are weaklings. All 19-20-21 year olds have the same body and muscle concerns. Instead of working Tebow's runs into the offense, it's been the second option behind his arm. Maybe this injury is a blessing in disguise because it will force Meyer and Mullen to protect Tebow rather than run him until he snaps.