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Third BCS Standings And The SEC Tiebreakers

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This is what I've been reduced to; I'm watching Canadian Football on Catch 47 and flipping back to the UCF-Southern Miss game. Why? Because I need to avoid all mention of the Red Sox winning their second World Series this century and I need to wash the memory of my all time favorite Gator trying to assassinate Bucs players today. However, I've figured out a way the Gators can get to Atlanta! Woo! But first the BCS rankings.

OSU and BC stay at the top of the table, and unless they lose, they will play in New Orleans. Please let the image of Massholes and Buckeye fans stumbling on Bourbon Street simmer in your mind before you punch out the monitor.

There is a huge gap between BC and LSU at 2 and 3, with ASU and Oregon left to beat each other senseless for a Rose Bowl berth. Kansas is far on the outside at eight, two back of the Sooners and one ahead of Mizzou. Five SEC teams are in the BCS 25 with Florida the lowest ranked (20). Georgia makes it at 10 with Auburn and Bama at 16 and 17.

And now the moment you have all been waiting for...projecting the clusterfu-k (we're a family site) known as the SEC East. We already set up scenarios but that was with a clean race, meaning no ties. We all know that in a tie with Georgia, UF is out, but we're in if we are tied with Tennessee or Kentucky (yes, Kentucky has a shot). On to the scenarios. Big thanks to the SEC tiebreaker page.

Three way tie with Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee
Florida and Kentucky cannot lose, and since Kentucky plays UT in the last SEC game, each team finishes 5-3. (Of course, this assumes two UGA losses to UK and Auburn.) In the three way tie, the first tie breaker is, "combined head-to-head record among the tied teams." Florida, with defeats over UK and UT, wins the East.

Three way tie with Florida, Georgia, Tennessee
Florida wins out, UGA loses one of two, and Tennessee is 2-1 in their final stretch. Since UF beat UT, who defeated UGA, who defeated UF, we go to the second tiebreaker; "Record of the tied teams within the division." Woo boy, let's see that.
UT...4-1 or 3-2 (depends on if loss is to ARK or VU/UK)
UG...3-2 or 2-3 (depends on if loss is to AUB or UK)
The Gators win tiebreaker.

Now for the ultimate clusterfu-k.

Four way tie between Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee
UF and UK win out. UK's wins give UT and UGA the one loss they need to be pulled back to the pack. Again, we go to the best record in the division and UF is victorious.

I'm almost sure these are the only tiebreakers. If there is another one or you see an error, leave a comment or give us a ring at