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Bringing The Good Karma: Erin Andrews

For the past two weeks, we've done Bringing The Good Karma as a way to kick off the weekend. But we've all had a rough weekend, so here is everyone's favorite UF telecommunications grad, Miss Erin Andrews. And if you need more proof that she's a class act, she did an interview with One More Dying Quail.

OMDQ: Do you have one sport that's become your favorite over time?

EA: No, not really because I broke into the industry being an NHL reporter, a sideline reporter, so I think I will always hold that sport near and dear to my heart because that's how I got my in, but I grew up in the south, so college football is huge to me because of where I grew up, in SEC country. But there really is no particular sport. I think if there was, I would probably try to tone it down and cover a couple sports at a time. But because I like so many of them, I'm not in a hurry to give any of them up.

Let me clarify, she worked for the Tampa Bay Lightning when they sucked. And she's a Gator grad who likes baseball. That's hockey, college football, and baseball. If she wasn't such a big Red Sox fan, she'd be the perfect woman. We can only hope she gets a chance this season to report on a Gator game.