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Alligator Army Notebook: October 3rd

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  • There is no decision yet on Mr. Joiner's burglary charge and there may not be one for up to 30 days. State attorney Bill Cervone says he has heard the comments from the towing lot owner about this being a misunderstanding, but says that does not mean charges will not be filed.
  • Billy D is already stockpiling talent for next season. Forward Eloy Vargas from American Heritage High School in Hollywood, FL is the top of the Gators 2008 class. Vargas is among three big men who could form a formidable front line. With only Marreese Speights at 6-10 or better, the new kids may be a year too late. I assume with Hodge running the point, and Jai Lucas and Nick Calathes growing into the offense, it'll be a return to the Roberson-Walsh style offense this season.
  • In their last two meetings with the Gators, LSU has turned the ball over five times in each game. Which is why protecting the ball has been a focus for the Bayou Bengals in practice this week. But, it's wishful thinking to even think LSU will turn it over. The Tigers are +11 in turnover margin (15 for, 4 against), tops in the SEC. UF is +2.