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The past few months have been very exciting for Gainesville crime. First there was `Don't tase me bro!' And now we have the 9-1-1 calls from Watson's Towing when Tony Joiner either ripped apart a steel gate like one of the X-Men or was arrested after a misunderstanding, depending on your perspective.

Today, Joiner apparently practiced and apologized to the team. Quoted in Gator Bait, Urban says that playing time will not yet be determined.

"I'm waiting to hear on the legal part of it," Meyer said. "My biggest issue is he was out at a ridiculous hour of the morning and that's not behavior I expect out of a captain. So all I've done right now is he's no longer a captain. Playing time and all that will be determined when I hear (about the legal issues)."
There isn't much for Urban to do here. If he is charged, then he gets a suspension.

For me this is now a personal issue. One of the comments in this EDSBS story linked to this St. Pete Times story about towing at UF and USF written almost exactly four years ago. In the story, Joiner's new friend, Watson's Towing owner Stan Forron is quoted several times. Including this;

"I just got a call a few minutes ago from a liquor store," Forron mutters. "The guy said, "We have 45 cars in our lot right now but nobody in the store. Come on over and do some towing.'

Why is this significant? Because I got my car towed three days before this article was written by ABC Liquor on Archer Road. You say, well you're an idiot for parking there. I would agree with you. But, there were no signs. Next to the ABC Liquor is the Starbucks/Moe's/Coldstone/Panera shopping center which is packed all the time. And the place was brand new, so THERE WERE NO SIGNS. My car was actually closer to Starbucks than ABC!

Sometimes, a story doesn't affect you until it gets personal. And it just did for me.