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Cue MASH Theme Music

Two games remain in SEC play and the injuries are adding up. Along with Tim Tebow's bum shoulder include Clint McMillan (shoulder), Javier Estopinan (knee; holy crap how many knee injuries can he have?), Derrick Harvey (hip), Major Wright (thumb), Kyle Jackson (brain), Terron Sanders (ankle), Cam Newton (ankle), Bubba Caldwell (     ; we're leaving an empty space for tomorrow's injury report), Riley Cooper (finger), and Brandon Antwine (back).

Does anyone use an ice bath? Maybe we can get some Epsom salts from all the money going into the Champions District or whatever Urban is calling the new building. And these aren't nagging injuries. These limit time and force more kids into roles they are not ready for. The worst part is who would fill in for an injured Tebow.

Meyer said if Tebow does get hurt, his replacement "probably" would be true freshman Cameron Newton, who also has been nursing an injury the past few weeks.
"It would probably be Cam Newton and then Bryan Waggener," Meyer said. "Cam is hurt as well. He's had a sprained ankle for quite a while. He didn't even practice two weeks ago and he was limited last week. Waggener has been getting some reps."

Somewhere, John Brantley silently weeps.

Has there ever been a more challenging season for the Gator Football Program? Yes, the coaching staff is secure and it's not like we have to worry about investigations. But the tremendous expectations, fair or not, have taken a toll on this team. Now here come the late season injuries. Like everything this season, it's a learning experience. It's just that we would also like a winning experience, too.