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Mark Richt's Other Apologies

The letter of apology sent to the SEC by Mark Richt was a lesson in half-assed emotion. He knows that the actions of his team, competition and sportsmanship aside, did exactly what they were intended to do; get in UF's heads. There are plenty of fans upset about the incident, but this was no different than a bench clearing brawl in baseball or a hockey fight. It was a psychological blow and if anyone should understand that it would be Urban, who has a degree in psychology.

But the most interesting thing about all this is what else was included in the letter. Thanks to a cozy relationship with the cleaning guys at the SEC offices, we were able to get a copy of Richt's other apologies.

  1. I apologize for giving my tickets to Game Six of the 2003 National League Championship to Steve Bartman.
  2. I apologize for keeping Genarlow Wilson in prison.
  3. I apologize for suggesting that yelling would make Stephen A. Smith a famous commentator.
  4. I apologize for leaving the seat up.
  5. I apologize to everyone who came to see John Kerry speak, and to all concerned Americans, I'm so sorry I lost my cool in that auditorium.
  6. I apologize for making Georgia Tech and Tulane leave the SEC.
  7. I apologize for leaking that Alex Rodriguez would opt-out during Game Four of the World Series.
  8. I apologize for New Coke.
  9. I apologize for not providing air cover for the Bay of Pigs invasion.
  10. I apologize for telling Coach Bowden he should coach until he's 100.
You can be assured that I will not do these types of things again.