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Alligator Army Notebook: October 4th

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-- Have you heard about LSU's defense? Apparently, they are good. Like number one in the nation for total defense good. I had no idea because every story I read out of Gainesville is about tow trucks and football players being questioned about everything from a shooting to their opinion on President Bush's recent veto.

Not only is LSU good, they have this kid named Glenn Dorsey who would have gone pro if it wasn't for a extended legal battle involving him eating a scout team offensive lineman. Dorsey has three sacks this season and 13 solo tackles. However, he might be slowing down. He only had three assists against Tulane last week. (That's positive thinking there, folks.)

-- LSU is considering running a two QB system Saturday. I understand the plan is to show different looks and confuse the Gators defense, but Florida is still good against the run. Should we expect to see Perrilloux pitch it around? Unless Florida plays defense like Middle Tennessee State, the answer is no. While Perrilloux has 37 pass attempts and 25 on the ground, 25 of the pass attempts came against Mid Tennessee. In the last two weeks, he's had four attempts.

-- A tropical system may cause rain this weekend in Baton Rouge. While the words "tropical system" and "Louisiana" are scary in the same sentence, it shouldn't cause too many problems. Don't be concerned. Tebow is a thoroughbred and can run in the slop or on a firm track. And remember, it never rains in Tiger Stadium.

-- Later today, we'll have a Classic Moments In Championship Mode post. Saturday, I won't be doing the live blog due to my superstitious practices, so it'll be an open thread instead.