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Classic Moments In Championship Mode: Florida-LSU in 1989 and 2006

October is the official month of Championship Mode. While January has bowl games and the Super Bowl and March has the NCAA basketball tournament, October has the baseball playoffs and two rivalry games for UF. Tonight, the Yankees and their owner and UF donor George Steinbrenner meet the Indians. Saturday, UF has an equally big game against LSU.

While LSU is not considered one of The Big Three rivals, this is considered a Championship Mode game because of their status and the possibility that this is a preview of the SEC title game. So we're breaking out the bright orange polo shirt and classic plays.

We have two plays today because one might have some bad karma attached to it. The first is a touchdown run by Emmitt Smith during the Gators 16-13 win over LSU in 1989. However, the game was the last one coached by Galen Hall. He would leave town the next day under a cloud of suspicion as phrases like "death penalty" and "cash filled envelopes" became part of the University City's vocabulary. But it's still a cool video.

Hopefully countering any bad karma from the first video is Tebow's jump pass from last year's game.

We hope you enjoyed the selections and remember to be in Championship Mode this weekend.