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Praise Be To Foley! Tony Joiner Is Free!

The State Attorney's Office had decided to drop a burglary charge against Florida strong safety Tony Joiner, the agency announced Friday morning.
"The victim is adamant that he sustained no loss or damage and does not wish to pursue criminal charges," said State Attorney's Office spokesman Spencer Mann. "Based on this information, we cannot sustain a criminal charge."

So all this for absolutely nothing? Wow. To go from a felony to nothing is pretty epic. Granted, Joiner clearly did not deserve the charge.
The Sun story does not say that Joiner will play Saturday, but our man in Gainesville, Timmy C. says that there is word on campus that Joiner will be in the lineup.

Update [2007-10-5 13:22:18 by mlmintampa]: In this AP article Urban says Joiner will travel with the team.

"Tony being out late on Monday is not consistent with the expectations of a leader and a team captain of our football program," Meyer said in a statement. "Tony is no longer a captain of the Gator football team and he will pay a heavy price for his behavior internally for the next four weeks. He will travel with the team for our game vs. LSU."
It seems like the "pay a heavy price for his behavior internally" could mean a suspension of playing time. But we're all guessing until we actually see when Joiner is on the field.