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The Second Half Begins Today

Six games are gone and six remain. The Sanders practice fields will be a little quieter since the only opponents this weekend are the Gainesville Police and various towing agencies. With that in mind, the biggest concern for us as fans is, can these guys stay out of trouble? I always thought of bye weeks as the one time when you don't have a project due or a test coming up. You go out tonight and not worry about Tuesday morning classes. This is also the week you sleep over at the girlfriend's place three times and spend every lunch at Moe's and every dinner at Swamp.

As much as I want these guys back in practice to work out their problems, they need a week off. So we are too. We're going to spend some time looking at the upcoming basketball season and even throw in some women's soccer and volleyball stories. We have some bye week stories lined up, so those will be in there too. We'll all be refreshed and ready to hit the pads next Monday.

But today is also Columbus Day, the only Italian-American Holiday. So get a slice at Leo's or the Italian Gator and plant your flag someplace. We'll see you back here a little later.