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Notes From Preseason Game One

Thanks to the horrific quality of Gator Vision Online, I got to follow tonight's basketball 97-51 win over Flagler on radio and with my trusty GameTracker. And I might be the only person ever to take notes during a radio broadcast of a basketball preseason game. If you have anything to add (like if you were cool enough to be there) drop us a line in the comments.

  • Marreese Speights will be the real deal. As the only option inside, Speights knocked down the high percentage shots, scoring 22 on 10 of 13 shooting. He also pulled 13 rebounds. He was aggressive, and with a possible three guard lineup, that's going to be necessary because he can't expect someone to get in the paint with him and also collect putbacks and rebounds.
  • Calathes and Lucas got themselves involved in the game, which is nice, but they were a combined 10 of 23. Calathes got 18 as he was 2 of 4 from behind the arc and 4 of 7 at the line. He also had 13 boards, 11 off long defensive rebounds. Calathes may seem more likely to get his nose dirty, but Lucas also got four fouls, limiting his play.
  • Dan Werner and Jonathan Mitchell were the only players to get the golden goose egg. Werner was 0-5 and Mitchell was 0-2. While it's nice that Werner is still using the same offensive strategy he had last year (pass always; he had seven assists tonight), it would be nice if some of our older guys took the lead. And that includes Walt Hodge and his six points.
  • It could be a race between Chandler Parsons and Alex Tyus for Speights' running mate. Parsons can hit the three (3-5 for the triple, 6 of 10 total for 18 points), but Tyus can bring energy inside (12 points on perfect shooting and 9 boards).