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Alligator Army Gameday Notebook: November 10th

  • With Georgia playing Auburn today and Tennessee ready to crap themselves (oh, you know it's coming), it's possible a three-loss team gets the SEC East. Florida can't think like that though and just worry about South Carolina. A big thank you to the SEC schedule makers who have Arkansas at UT starting at 12:30, and AU at UGA starting at 3:30. It's entirely possible that by the time toe meets leather in Columbia, UF is playing for a divisional tie. As fans, we can scoreboard watch, but the players can't.
  • Question of the day; Can SC stop Mr. Harvin? Normally, I'm not on board with Percy getting more than 20 touches (I don't want him to break!). But, with the way SC pushed Darren McFadden into the Heisman race last week, every other play should be to Percy. I'm crossing my fingers that Percy is the first Gator with 200 yards rushing and 200 yards receiving in a game.
  • The Gamecocks have their own stud RB in senior Cory Boyd. Had SC managed to rally against Arkansas, maybe we would be talking about him this week. With six TDs and 785 yards rushing (and 313 yards and one TD receiving), Boyd needs to be contained. I'd rather put the game on the dynamic duo of Mitchell and Smelley than have their fifth year senior RB take over.
  • In basketball, the Gators escaped against the mighty Bison of North Dakota St. 75-65. It seems like Billy has a set five, but rotating out Speights hurt. Parsons looks like one of those random kids at Southwest Rec that will drop a three over you and then take a ball off the glass at the other end. My concern is the stupid turnovers (Lucas had two carries in the first half) and that middle school officials were used. Seriously, of the 50-50 calls, I'd say 80% went against UF.
  • Speaking of escapes, UF soccer defeated LSU 1-0 to go to the SEC Tournament Final Sunday. Senior Shana Hudson put in the golden goal in the 107th minute. The Gators play Georgia tomorrow.