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Saturday's Wish List: South Carolina

Other than a Gators victory, here's what we want to see this evening. All of these are the wishes of a 23 year old who just happens to have a blog. So leave your suggestions or insults about my level of intelligence in the comments.

1. The Defense continues to play physical.
Even though they had no sacks last week (against a senior laden o-line for Vandy), the Gators were able to get some push and stop the run. The biggest problem with UF seemed to be the lack of energy and that came back last week. Plus, if UF can get in the backfield and tee off on Mitchell and Smelley, it takes the load off our DBs. (Every week I say the exact same crap in this spot. But that's what happens when we haven't seen consistent play.)

2. Kenny McKinley is a non-factor.
The Gators were tremendous in limiting Earl Bennett last week and they have another challenge today. Kenny McKinley is the Gamecocks leading catcher with 7 TDs and 62 catches for 748 yards. He's even making them forget Sidney Rice. How much does McKinley mean to SC? The next two leading receivers are a tight end with 26 catches for 381 and running back Cory Boyd.

3. Gap discipline.
Brandon Spikes has emerged as the defensive leader. As he took the blame for the UGA loss, he also talked about staying in his gap. No one doubts the athleticism of this defense. But just as it is with any team running this scheme (like the late 90's Bucs), the athleticism is neutralized if you over-pursue and forget where you're supposed to be.

4. Percy Harvin and the Pips.
The offense should revolve around Percy, but if he gets shut down, don't force it. Bubba is still around and we shouldn't be shy to use Fayson, James, or Moore. Plus, with SC 11th in SEC rushing defense, Percy will be the feature back. If he's getting 10-15 rushes, someone will have to pick up the slack catching the ball.

5. No turnovers.
Everyone was all excited after the Vandy win, but UF had two blown snaps (one lost, the other put us out of FG range) and an interception. I don't see Tebow getting lazy, but I do see him forcing it against the SEC's best pass defense. Whenever UF loses in these types of games, it's because of something stupid. Speaking of stupid...

6. Mullen doesn't call a game like an eight-year old playing Madden.
Stop screwing around. 3rd and short? Power I. Goal to go inside the five? Might not want to have five wides. I know Mullen believes he has to outthink the defense, but guess what? We have skill players! Schemes are for teams who don't have skill guys! Have a check down to CI or a traditional off tackle. We don't need an end around called in each quarter. You can stay within the offense and still win without tricks.

7. Steve Spurrier is embarrassed.
I'm sick and tired about hearing how Spurrier almost won last season. Um, HE SAT ON THE BALL LAST YEAR! Look at last year's box score. With the exception of a 27 yard catch to Rice called back, he never took a shot downfield and was perfectly content to play for the field goal. (It took them about three minutes to go 44 yards.) Real bright to ask your kicker, who's already had one 47 yarder blocked, to kick another line drive. I guess I just don't get the fascination with Spurrier. Maybe if UF wins tonight, and beats the crap out of SC in the process and sends them to a fourth consecutive loss, those pining for Spurrier can shut up and join the rest of us on the Urban Bandwagon. Ok, end rant.