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Florida Gators vs. South Carolina Gamecocks Recap

  • As much as I want to protect Tim Tebow, um, how do I say this...NO MERCY URBAN! RUN UP THE SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was nice wasn't it? If Lou Murphy had caught the other pass in the end zone, it could have been a lot worse. Lucky for Spurrier that Percy is at home sick. We could have hung 70 on him.
  • In the grand scheme of things, UF had three turnovers and allowed 31 points. In terms of the turnovers, one was a forced play (the deep interception) and one was a bad exchange (the handoff fumble) so those go on Tebow. The third was a nice play by the South Carolina defender who had a perfect form tackle on Brandon James. Luckily, SC could not convert to the extent needed to win.
  • On defense, UF did allow 316 in the air, but only 68 on the ground. Plus, SC scored 17 points in the second half which started with a 20 point lead. I know that the lead shouldn't matter. But a young team will not play with urgency when you are up by so many points. In terms of the pressure, again there was none. However, it seemed Mitchell got the ball out in a hurry, so there wasn't much of a chance to hit him. Also, why doesn't Mitchell wear a helmet that fits? Aren't you supposed to have a half inch gap between the eyebrow and bumper? I'm surprised he can see.
  • SC was 3-12 on third down. I'll take that.
  • Brady Ackerman just said on Gator Postgame that when Tebow is at his best, the Gator offense is at its best. Oh, you think so doctor?
  • Speaking of Tebow, I really don't give a damn about the Heisman. I already know he's the best player in the nation. And God bless Chris Leak, but I don't know if he could have won with this team. Murphy dropped every other pass which made Bubba the only legit WR threat. Meanwhile, every time James or Moore touched the ball, my stomach turned inside out. Leak was a great QB, but Tebow is a great athlete. He creates opportunities that you or I or a regular QB would never see. By the way, The White Rhino has 19 rushing TDs which is tied for the SEC season record.
  • The Hillsborough County kids (Bubba and Fayson) were great. Bubba (Jefferson HS) had 11 catches for 148 and a TD, plus two carries for nine yards. Fayson (Hillsborough HS) had four runs for 17 yards. He added three catches, one for a TD, and 28 yards.
  • I like the all white look, especially in contrast to South Carolina's all black. But they probably did it because they wore all blue last week and the blue pants were still in the wash.
  • Oh, and we're all Kentucky fans now. They get the Black Jerseys next week and Tennessee after that. Although, it would be quite lovely if Vandy beat UT Saturday to become bowl eligible as UK beats Georgia.