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What's Bugging Percy Harvin?

Today's article in The Gainesville Sun is reporting that Percy Harvin is still suffering from a possible sinus infection and migraines. It's not a long article, but there are a few things that concern me.

But after doctors and trainers ran Harvin through a workout in the team's training room, everything changed.

The sinus infection and migraine headaches that have plagued Harvin for the last week returned, marking another setback for the Gators sophomore wide receiver.

If he was sick, he may not be able to work out because he is weak, not because symptoms returned. Migraine headaches can beat the hell out of you, and if he has that, those are different issues. But this next paragraph is more worrisome.

Doctors are still trying to diagnose Harvin's illness, which left him suffering from migraine headaches and symptoms of a sinus infection, according to Meyer. Harvin is expected to undergo more testing today.

Meyer is obviously not a doctor, nor am I, but I've had enough sinus infections in my life to know what it is. Yes, you can get migraines, but once you get antibiotics in you, it goes away. But if the fluid gets into your lungs, you're done. What was an illness for a few days becomes a chronic thing for a month.

But a sinus infection is pretty obvious to diagnose. Just look up their nose and you'll see it. (Yeah, that's a link to a nose diagram.) If Percy is still sick, it's time to stop having first year med students look at him at the Student Health Center and go straight to Shands. We have FSU in 10 days and we always need all our weapons for that game.