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Gator Basketball vs. North Carolina Central Mini-Preview

Note: Since college basketball has more games, I won't be going into too much detail for each game like I have with football. Instead I'll have mini-previews.

Early in the season, you have to look for two things; do the players keep the pedal down and do they rebound? In the first case, after allowing North Dakota St. to climb back in the game one, the Gators ran over Tennessee Tech in game two. In both cases, the Gators allowed 65 points, but opponents' second half FG% dropped from 47% to 38%.

With that said, the Gators have allowed 34 rebounds in each game, two ahead of their average mark. This is in part to their lack of size and playing against older lineups. We know Speights is the only legit rebounder, especially with Jonathon Mitchell playing like me. Guys like Calathes and Allen need to learn positioning, something that will happen over time. In absence of that, they need to keep hustling. The 41 total defensive rebounds, 10 by the score-less wonder Dan Werner, shows that.

As for North Carolina Central, they have a horrific website, and have played Duke and Rutgers this season already. They lost at Duke 121-56, and at Rutgers 73-48 and the Eagles are shooting 36% as a team. If the Gators allow 65 points again, Donovan should be disappointed.