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Saturday's Wish List: Florida Atlantic

Other than a Gators victory, here's what we want to see Saturday. All of these are the wishes of a 23 year old who just happens to have a blog. So leave your suggestions or insults about my level of intelligence in the comments. This is also the first time we've mentioned Florida Atlantic all week. Why? Because we better win this game by four touchdowns, that's why.

1. Oh My God, In The Name Of Everything That Is Good And Holy, KEEP TEBOW HEALTHY!
Remember how Tebow was getting hit late against Western Kentucky? Now, imagine him playing against (UF Snobbery Alert!) a South Florida community college. FIU had their time in the sun with a bench clearing brawl against Miami, so maybe FAU is looking for their spot on Sportscenter by playing like 22 goons too. I'm not saying they will, but after Dennis Dixon got hurt, I just don't want to see any bad karma come Tebow's way. It is bad enough FSU will be practicing how to twist a guy's ankle under the pile for next week.

There is also this from FAU defensive back Taheem Acevedo (via the Sun-Sentinel and Gator Bait);

"My game plan, and I have heard everyone talking about it downstairs, is just get him out of the game," Acevedo told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. "I don't care how it happens, we get him out of the game...When I see a big guy running down on me I am not going to go low. My first thought is go high and hit him where it hurts more."

So does that mean he's going for the concussion and not the three knee ligament tear?

2. Eliminate Taheem Acevedo.
With 59 tackles, Acevedo is fourth on the team. He also has five picks. I think it might be time to use Eric Rutledge in the enforcer role. Maybe he can fall into Acevedo's knee. (Sorry, I have to apologize for asking college athletes to injure other athletes. I'm a little over excited for next week.)

3. Let's stop a screen.
Our d-line is so excited when they get to sniff the quarterback, that they don't realize the running back is 10 yards to their left with four blockers. It is game 11, boys. Bella The Yellow Lab knows when the screen is coming and you don't? I know you want a sack, but Spikes can't make the tackle when he's facing a wall of blockers.

4. Hold FAU below 270 passing yards.
FAU's passing game is no joke. Starter Rusty Smith has 20 TDs and seven picks. He's throwing at a 56% clip and the Owls passing offense is 21st nationally. He also has four guys with at least three TD catches. All this despite clearly having a fake name.

5. Markus Manson becomes a legit RB.
Urban's great experiment to put Manson at DB failed. Not only did Manson get hurt, he was just another inexperienced DB in a pile of them. Bring him to the offense, and suddenly he gets a few touches after Percy Harvin has contracted the same thing that killed all the humans in 'I Am Legend.'

6. Kentucky beats Georgia.
Yes, we're banking on the Cats. (It's not basketball season. It's cool.) If you want to track the Wildcats-Black Jerseys game, visit A Sea of Blue.

7. Tate Casey plays.
The man who caught Tebow's famous jump pass is a senior who has not seen action at all this season. After injuring his ankle in summer, he disappeared on the depth chart. Originally recruited by Zook as a traditional TE, he saw his playing time shrink under Urban. But he never complained. He also played some baseball his freshman year and is still a good enough athlete to do that. And as great as I think Cornelius Ingram is, Tate has the better nickname; "Two Beer Tate". In a month, I saw Tate out five different times and each time with a beer in each hand. (It should be noted this was usually at a free beer or quarter beer night.) I never even saw him drinking. He would just carry around two beers. Who does that? Tate Casey, that's who.

Since FSU is expected to be a more competitive game, the FAU matchup will be a chance for Urban to unload the bench. Hopefully, Tate will get to play a few downs with two solo cups of Natty.