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Florida Atlantic vs. Florida Gators Recap

Gators win 59-20.

  • The most important thing? Tebow is still healthy.  
  • The second most important thing? Florida is out of the SEC race. Georgia beat Kentucky. I guess the Cats were not motivated by my exciting offer of a fruit basket and free Gatorade. Fine then. Jerks.
  • The third most important thing? The absolutely horrific second quarter. FAU should have never scored 13 unanswered points against UF. The quarter began with the Owls finishing an 11 play drive with a field goal and then picked off Tebow. The short field led to the first FAU TD. After holding the Gators to a three and out, they added another three pointer. UF scored a TD, but the defense allowed a 10 play, 80 yard scoring drive. I have no problem with allowing the opponent to score, but to never get to a third down on that drive and allow catches of 35, 9, and 20 to the same guy (Gent) was disturbing. That's the biggest problem with this defense; too many drives where they never make a stop. How will they perform against an improving FSU?
  • Seven players had catches, including my boy CI (4 for 60 and two TDs). But without Percy, Bubba Caldwell got the majority of balls, pulling down 13 for 164 yards. That is as many catches as the rest of the receivers combined. On the same note, seven players were credited with rushing yards (including Tebow and Newton). Your opinion on this is either based on if you like having a go-to-guy or bread-and-butter play, or if you like the different looks each guy provides. There's no wrong answer until something happens to say one isn't working.
  • 25 of 35 for 338 yards and three passing TDs. 11 carries for 31 yards and one rush TD. And FAU isn't a bad team. But the biggest thing is that Tebow is a 20-20 man. The first player in NCAA history with 20 passing and 20 rushing TDs. Incredible.