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The Legend of Timmy Tebow

After 2007, we will never see this again;

181 for 841 yards, 20 TD
198 of 289, 2870 yards, 26 TD

And that is with a regular season game and bowl game remaining.

Those numbers are the reason why I suddenly think "Timothy" is a cool name, and why I'm planning on making my son left handed not just to be a Yankees pitcher but also a Gators quarterback. (How would I make him left handed? Strap his right arm to his body, make him use the left.) Tebow is doing something that was unthinkable. Twenty rushing TDs for a quarterback is not new. But with 26 passing touchdowns? That is amazing. However, this is the last time we'll see it happen.

Tebow has carried this offense because he and the offensive staff knew he had too. We saw early this season how Mullen was willing to plow Tebow into the line on 1st and 10. As fans, we all thought someone else could do it. With one regular season game left, we now know that only Tebow was qualified. Next year, that won't be the case. With the currency Tebow earned this year, he will be a threat to run in 2008. That will open it up for Emmanuel Moody and Chris Rainey. The emergence of those two will create space for Percy Harvin, Lou Murphy, and Riley Cooper in the secondary. The Tebow run will become what it should be; a secret weapon.

Tebow's passing numbers should be about the same. Maybe even better because he'll be ready to trust his teammates rather than have to put it in his own hands and run like hell. Tebow's numbers will end up being similar to Dennis Dixon's (105 attempts on the ground for 583 yards and nine touchdowns).

Of course, I could be wrong. It's hard to imagine him having 50+ touchdowns again (assuming he gets two in each of his last two games). But, anything is possible with this kid. And that's why he is already a legend in his own time. Women soon over him and men will defend him. We cringe when he gets hit, but cheer when he lowers his shoulder. He's our guy and we're all in.

The Legend of Tim Tebow will continue to be written and Saturday will be another chapter; his first start against Florida State. He's already lost this year to three rivals, and FSU is always a challenge. As a Florida boy, he knows what this game means. You have to expect he will come out with guns blazing. Now if he could just play DB, we'd be set.

And to people who think we're off the deep end, this is the first player we're head over heels for. We don't have a Bo Jackson, Herschel Walker, Peyton Manning, Archie Manning, or Billy Cannon to go crazy over. So shut your mouth.