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Say Hello To Public Enemy No. 1

Hello Geno Hayes. Or maybe I should call you Eugene? Either way, congratulations on being the focus of 90,000 peoples' hatred this Saturday. From the Associated Press...

Florida State's Geno Hayes will be a marked man Saturday in Gainesville.
The junior linebacker from Greenville invited the wrath of Florida fans on Monday when he predicted "Tim Tebow's going down," during a mid-afternoon interview.
"The bigger they are the harder they fall," said Hayes. "Hopefully we can go out there and shatter his dream."

Let me say this Eugene, we remember how dirty FSU can play. We remember Danny Wuerffel getting hit late and FSU players playing to "the echo of the whistle." We remember FSU players trying to twist ankles in piles and we really remember the 2003 game. And we don't like when players try to talk themselves up. I know you think you're a tough guy, considering the Noles are 7-4 and your 71 tackles must make you an All-American or something. But guess what? We're going to be in your head Saturday. And I hope the last thing you see Saturday is a blue 15 jersey slamming you in the face.

Bring it Eugene.

Update [2007-11-19 21:52:23 by mlmintampa]:Apparently our Timothy has been in Eugene's head for a while. There is a facebook group called "Geno Hayes May Actually take Tim Tebow's Head Off." The group has existed since at least November of 2006.