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Dial `R' For Running Back

I don't understand how in an offense built around speed, the Gators are lacking at the one position that traditionally has it; running back. Kestahn Moore came into this season as the starter with Brandon James and Chris Rainey as possible backups. Former RB Markus Manson was moved to defensive back. But with Manson hobbled, Rainey out, and Moore suffering from fumbleitis, it is Cold Blooded James in the backfield Saturday with Percy Harvin assisting.

My problem with all of this is the sense that Moore seems to have been written off. One of the concerns this season was the lack of a traditional RB. But Meyer seemed comfortable with Moore in that role with James filling in occasionally. That's where we are now but we got there because Moore wasn't ready. With the wealth at wide receiver, Meyer could have converted Jarred Fayson into a more traditional back or kept Manson in the cabinet. But he wanted Tebow to be the premier run threat and now he's getting pain shots in his shoulder.

All of this leads to the responsibility of the coaching staff and the issues at running back. My first concern is that Meyer did not anticipate this issue before the season started. He knew the secondary would suck so he put a good athlete like Manson back there. He then kept the ball in Tebow's hands, a stretch only interrupted by end arounds to Harvin.

Secondly, one look at the way Moore holds the ball should be a clue as to why he puts the ball on the ground. Compare that picture of Moore to this and it's easy to figure out what Moore is doing wrong. Which is why coaching is so important. If I know that Tiki Barber fixed his fumbling problems by holding the ball vertically, they I would think the Gators' staff would. That's what bothers me about all this; maybe changing the way he holds the ball would have made the difference. The opinion seems to be that Moore is either careless or lazy, leading to turnovers. But if that was the case, why was he still playing?

I honestly hope I'm wrong on this, but I'm starting to believe that the staff was not worried about the run game because of Tebow. This includes worrying if Moore holds the ball properly. If that is true, then it's not just the players that need to mature, it's the coaches. If you don't anticipate a problem, that's the one that will bite you in the ass.

The title for this article is based on this movie. Which makes sense because this season could turn into a horror movie.