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3-4 or 4-3?

The numerous injuries on the defensive line have forced the Gators to get creative. The first option is running a 3-4, which puts Clint McMillan at nose tackle and Ryan Stamper as the extra LB. If you remember the Orange and Blue Game, the Gators did show a few looks at a 3-4 formation. It's not like the d-line has done a great job getting in the backfield, so maybe it's no big deal to have only three down linemen. But Vandy is averaging 165 on the ground, and you have to wonder if the line can tie up blockers to get the LBs the tackles. Or you can have what happened against UGA and UF's line is blown five yards off the ball every play and the LBs have to run around to get a tackle.

Of course, it's much more preferable to stick with the 4-3. And that's why Mike Pouncey will see some reps at defensive tackle. It's a classic football trick; convert a center to play nose tackle. They, more than anyone, knows what is necessary to get past an offensive lineman and create chaos. (I did this playing for the Forest Hills Cardinals when I was 10. I didn't tackle anyone, but that was because I was doubled. I was 67 pounds of thunder.)

Adding Pouncey has the potential to reinvigorate the d-line. But, he's still a freshman playing his first time in the SEC. He could get knocked around. Harvey and Cunningham have been playing well, but they also have to pinch inside more to sure up the middle. If that doesn't work, Jarvis Moss will see sometime as well. Oh, wait. He's hurt too.