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Bringing The Good Karma: Heidi Klum

For the past several weeks, I have been profiling Gator fans who were in Playboy and very lovely friends of mine in an effort to bring good karma to the Gators. Well, today we have quite a treat because we have a supermodel who emailed us!*

Heidi Klum gained fame as a Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret model. Currently she hosts "Project Runway" on Bravo. (Not that I watch Bravo.) Anyway, she wanted to tell us how much she liked Tim Tebow and Alligator Army.


Hello mlm! I love your website! Thank you for writing and saying how much you like my Tebow shirt. I have to tell you, I love Tim Tebow. When ever my husband Seal and I watch American football, we watch the Gators. Also, when I was filming Project Runway, I would watch Tebow in the Ohio State game again just to feel his masculinity. You know, because there aren't many masculine guys on my show. Got to go! Ciao darling!

Love, Heidi

Wow, wasn't that sweet? A big thank you to Heidi for writing us.* We raise a glass of Gatorade in her honor. Actually, she's a lady of high class, maybe a Gatorade performance shake is more her thing.

*May not be true. And that picture is a horrible photoshop. Who cares, she's still cute.