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Alligator Army Gameday Notebook: November 24th

-- In the basketball game, we all know what happened. For the first time in many of these kids playing careers, they played a team more physical than them. UF might be more talented than FSU, but FSU outmuscled them and played great defense in a 65-51 Seminole win. The sad part was that UF was never really in the game.

-- As for today's game; there have been some articles written that wonder if the game has lost some juice. For me and my age group, this game still means a lot. Bragging rights for the players and recruits are at stake for the teams. But for the students and recent grads, it is another chance to keep FSU under our thumb. Call it arrogance, and maybe we're snobs. That's fine, we've earned it.

It's not just being better academically or on the field. We have class. We have Mr. Two-Bits. FSU has a girl who looks like a million other female football fans. See? We're classy snobs.

This game is a way to show everyone who is not as good as us that they are exactly that. Yes, that sounds horrible. But so does getting a degree from FSU. And I thank God he made me a Gator.

Enjoy the game. And if you see a kid walking around today with an "I Hate FSU" jersey, say hello. That's me.