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Gator Basketball vs. Stetson Mini-Preview

Note: Since college basketball has more games, I won't be going into too much detail for each game like I have with football. Instead I'll have mini-previews.

Tonight's game is not about Stetson. It is about a young ball club trying to recover after getting manhandled by a stronger and smarter team last Friday night. The next few days will present a new challenge also as the Gators travel for the first time to play Vermont this Friday in Tampa.

The FSU loss has to be looked at by the club and fans as an anomaly. There was no commitment to the inside game, instead they chucked 23 from three-point range, making four. Their play was typical of a young talented team. In the eight man rotation, only Speights and Tyus lack three point range. So Calathes, Allen, and Parsons started jacking threes, just as their high school coach would have wanted. But now they know, if the shots aren't falling, they have to get involved different ways. Some guys learn that quickly (Corey Brewer becoming a defensive standout), others not so much (Anthony Roberson).

Tonight should be the start of another win streak which could continue until December 22nd when an equally talented but more tested Ohio State waits in Columbus. Between now and then, Speights has to get better at controlling himself inside and either Lucas or Hodge has to drive to draw fouls and pull in defenders.

We shouldn't get worried about the kids until SEC play.