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Vanderbilt Commodores-Florida Gators Recap

  • I think Percy Harvin is our running back. Not Brandon James, not Kestahn Moore (although he had 10 carries for 87 yards). Percy F. Harvin is the running back and top receiver. 11 carries for 111 yards + 9 catches for 110 yards = a tremendous performance. (First player in UF history with 100 yards running and receiving in a game.) The amazing thing is that while you can criticize not spreading the ball around (minus QBs, six guys touched the ball), keep in mind Bubba had nine catches for 103 and two TDs, and Jarred Fayson also had a TD catch.
  • On his first play, Mike Pouncey was doubled. The rest of the day was a little easier as he was able to blow up blocks and push his man into the backfield. He would be removed on third down though, likely because of inexperience rushing the passer. Pouncey finished with two tackles and deflected a pass. I think it's safe to say he will be playing d-line for a while.
  • UF had no sacks, but the secondary was good enough to lock down and break up six passes. Vandy's Earl Bennett was held to five catches for 32 yards. Not only that, but we saw a toughness and attitude that was missing last week. Yes, Vandy's passing offense did not present much of a challenge, but the secondary still played very well. They even got a few jams in at the line. That combined with the play of a rotating defensive line, was something that has been missing all season.
  • Tebow was 22 of 27 against a defense that was fifth in SEC pass defense. A normal QB couldn't go 22 of 27 against a tire swing.
  • Brandon Spikes had 14 tackles, nine solo. He still is slow on reading screens and he sometimes plays undisciplined. But he's going to be a great player.
  • The performance today still does not erase the doubts caused by the Georgia game. What is does though is tell us that things can be fixed. Finally, we saw improvement after weeks of regression after the Tennessee game. Tebow still stares down his first read, the d-line still can't hit the QB, and everyone else on defense is still getting screwed on screens and play actions. But now we have something to build off of and the division is still in our sights.