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Third BCS Standings and the SEC as American Football

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LSU becomes No. 2 in the newest BCS Rankings. Still undefeated Kansas is fourth with Oregon on the doorstep of the BCS Title Game. Our beloved Gators are 15th, third among seven SEC teams in the BCS 25 (UGA is 10th).


Last week, the NFL sent the Giants and Dolphins over to London to show the Brits what American football is all about. The problem was that the Giants offense is not explosive and the Dolphins suck. A slick field did not help and the proceedings had an air of, "Get me the hell out of here." God forbid Eli Manning pitch it around to get the NFL more publicity overseas.

The reaction out of England was not good. Those who did not understand the NFL didn't see what the big deal was. That's why we should show them SEC football. I'm not saying the Gators and Gamecocks should play this week in Wembley Stadium. But, as this weekend proved with an exciting game LSU-Bama game and a completely insane South Carolina-Arkansas game, the SEC provides the most entertaining brand of football in America, week after week.

This isn't a debate over which conference is better. It is instead, "Which is more entertaining?" Look at the LSU games against UF, Kentucky, Auburn, and Alabama. Those might be four of the best games all season. What about Auburn-UF and Georgia-Bama? Or LSU wheeling out a live man-eating tiger before the UF game and UGA getting the greatest unsportsmanlike penalty of all time? Come on! European hooligans love that stuff! We could export the CBS SEC package!

I know how deep the Pac-10 and Big 12 is this year, but how many of you stuck with Arizona State-Oregon over LSU-Bama? That's what I thought.

It's the reason why SEC fans talk until they lose their buzz about how big Les Miles' balls are, how Tim Tebow could run a 4.4 on water, and how Darren McFadden is the greatest running back in college football. We play some real ball down South, and there is nothing you can do about it. Plus, we have possibly the greatest bias towards our own conference. Could you imagine a bar in Columbus chanting "Big 10! Big 10!" during an Ohio State bowl game? Well, I was one of the kids in Gator City last January chanting, "S-E-C! S-E-C!" so I know Gator fans do it. And if LSU gets to New Orleans for the second week of January against the Fightin' Sweatervests, I know plenty of SEC fans who will swell with pride if they destroy OSU.

The passion we have for college football is what separates this league from all others, including the NFL. Sure, alumni donor rates may be pricing some out of the stadium, but the passion of the students more than makes up for it. (You could also say that anyone who donates $15,000 a year and drives his RV to a spot on Museum Road deserves that ticket.)

I never understood the argument that the NFL was better than college football until I went to UF. I've been to Bucs games at old Tampa Stadium and Raymond James, but even the atmosphere at an early season Gators game destroys that. I even have a friend who goes to USF and attended the Auburn game. He's seen the Bucs and USF in Raymond James, so what was his reaction at Jordan-Hare? "Oh, man. This is college football." No friends, the SEC is more than that. It is American football.