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This Is On You, Urban

Prior to the LSU game I wrote how important an win was for Urban. Yes, the LSU game would have kept the Gators in the national title race. But, it ended up being Urban's fifth road loss in ten games. None of those losses were against weak sisters, but you'd think that UF would be better than 6-5 in Urban's road games. Of the wins, two are against Kentucky, and one each against FSU, Ole Miss, Tennessee, and Vandy. Not exactly a murderer's row.

In two games against Spurrier, Meyer is 1-1. And we all know, it could have been 0-2. He was out coached by a man who built the Gators out of nothing in the 60's and probation in the 90's. In the third year of this new rivalry, the pregame conversation still includes the Ol' Ball Coach and the heir to his throne.

"I'm glad that's kind of disappeared (the Spurrier vs. Meyer talk). The first year that's all the discussion was, and that's kind of disappeared. It's certainly disappeared around our team, but it's always going to be there and it should be there."

I disagree with Meyer's assessment that the talk of Spurrier vs. his rightful successor has disappeared. There will always be an element of the Gator Nation that looks at Spurrier as the pinnacle of this program, and they may even take some sick joy in seeing Meyer squirm against Spurrier. (More on this tomorrow. But if you want to see where I'm headed Orange and Blue Hue has feelings very similar to mine.)

Add that interest to UF's need to win to keep a glimmer of hope for Atlanta alive, and this game is packed with subplot. The last time this happened was 2005, and Spurrier won that time. Meyer cannot let that happen again.