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They Can't Hit

In Baseball, good pitching always beats good hitting. So, Steve Spurrier's comment in this story is a bit interesting.

"We've had lots of chances, we just don't hit `em."

Perhaps Spurrier is talking about Darren McFadden and how he ran through and around the 104th ranked rushing defense. The Gamecocks are allowing 206.5 yards per game, and about five yards per rush. In ten games this season, SC has allowed more than 150 rushing yards five times. That doesn't seem too bad. But then you realize they allowed 252 to UL-Lafayette, 290 to LSU, and the epic 542 to Arkansas.

I bring this up, because with Tebow, Harvin, and Caldwell all at 100%, the Gators' three biggest offensive weapons are healthy. And as you know, they can all run. Add this to the renewed confidence in Kestahn Moore, the willingness to have Brandon James in the backfield for a few snaps, and Jarred Fayson coming off the bench, it all creates very different looks for a struggling SC defense.

I have talked about how Meyer and Mullen have these weapons, but don't seem to use them properly. Rightly so, the offense revolves around Tebow and Harvin. But, they need to show different looks (or pitches), to keep South Carolina missing Saturday. But, what exactly are those pitches?

A pitch that breaks bats for a kid who breaks defenders.
2-seam Fastball
Go-to pitch that is fast and moves. Hard to control.
4-seam Fastball
Appears as if it is rising. Only solid contact can get it.
Most unpredictable. Can end a game (Beltran in 2006 NLCS) or be in the bleachers.
Faster than a curve, moves more than a fastball.
A surprise as it starts as a fastball, then drops off the table. A strikeout pitch.

The success of Percy and Tebow last week showed that the offense can revolve around them, but you can't assume that every week. Get Percy his 15 touches and spread the wealth. Besides, you don't want to be left with inexperienced guys when Percy leaves after his junior season.

Yes, we miss baseball already. And look at us using html tables!