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Classic Moments In Championship Mode: Jarvis Moss

The Gators have four regular season games that are considered Championship Mode Games; Tennessee, LSU, Georgia, and Florida State. But on rare occasions, Championship Mode can be applied retroactively, depending on the response of the team and the fans. Remember, as defined by Urban Dictionary, Championship Mode is a...

Mental state that requires a sports fan to be so absorbed in a game, that he or she believes they are affecting the outcome of the game. A person in championship mode demonstrates devotion to their team by remaining focused on the game and staying sober. Note: championship mode should only be used for highly meaningful regular season games and postseason games.

Note the first line; a fan, "believes they are affecting the outcome of the game." Which brings us to today's selection.

The South Carolina game was one of three I missed last year. I was working weekends at WCJB in Gainesville and ended up driving around NW Gainesville to listen to Mick Hubert go completely insane when Jarvis Moss got his big paw on Ryan Succop's 48 yarder. For my friends that were there, it was the loudest they have ever heard The Swamp. The video below proves them right.

Without that block, UF still could beat FSU and Arkansas to win the SEC. Maybe even destroy Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl. But, that wasn't good enough for Jarvis Moss. Hopefully, we won't need a blocked field goal to win this season.