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Bringing The Good Karma: Lauren Anderson

Basketball season starts tonight, so it makes sense for our "Bringing The Good Karma" to have a basketball slant. In our series, we've had Erin Andrews, one of my hot friends, and a hot Australian chick who is a CIA agent on TV. Well, today we have a Playboy Playmate. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The young lady to the right is Miss Lauren Anderson. (Her official site is here. I wouldn't suggest clicking it if you're at work or on your girlfriend's computer.) In addition to being Miss July 2002, Lauren is a graduate of the University of Florida and grew up in Gainesville. She has done work for and is part of a PETA campaign promoting vegetarianism.

What does all this have to do with basketball? Lauren is dating former Gator Matt Walsh, according to this Spanish article and Walsh's facebook profile. (How does Walsh still have an open facebook profile? I don't even have an open profile.)

Say what you will about Walsh, but the kid is doing alright since leaving Florida. While he did not find riches in the NBA, he was the second leading scorer in the Greek league last season. Now, he is playing for a Spanish squad. Spending your first few years out of school in Europe while dating a hot blonde sounds fantastic. Who needs the NBA if you got that?

If you would like to see more of Miss Anderson, I suggest a Google image search with the safe search function turned off.