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Gator Basketball vs. North Dakota State Mini-Preview

Note: Since college basketball has more games, I won't be going into too much detail for each game like I have with football. Instead I'll have mini-previews.

UF should easily defeat the Bison tonight, but after Kentucky getting boat-raced by Gardner-Webb and Michigan State and Ohio State losing in exhibition games, they better be careful. With four juniors, North Dakota State represents a challenge the Gators will face all season; an experienced team with a surprising skill level. Just as it happens in March, experienced ball clubs from lower divisions can beat young ones from the power conferences. The Bison prove that as last year they won at Marquette, lost by four at Texas Tech, and two at Kansas State.

My concern is defense because the Gators don't have yet the urgency on defense that the previous administration had. That isn't a skill thing. That is a youth thing and will get better over time. But 14 times last season the Bison scored better than 80 points. If UF can't defend the three point line, and the Bison hit their shots, this could be more competitive than we thought.

Tonight's game will be seen on FSN-Florida at 8pm and as always, is available on the Gator Radio Network. If you live in South Florida and don't have a satellite, you are screwed. That's because you're getting the cellar dwelling Atlanta Thrashers and the Florida Panthers live from beautiful Sunrise.