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The Great Playoff Debate

Like ESPN,, Yahoo, and just about everyone else, Alligator Army is taking the time between the regular season and bowl games to discuss possible college football playoff systems. While these plans advocate 16 team playoffs, I plan on discussing ideas that have not been as widely distributed or not at all.

  1. 16-team playoff based on geographic bracketing like NCAA basketball tournament.
  2. 12-team playoff with four wild card games like NFL system.
  3. Elite Eleven playoff using each D-1A conference winner.
  4. Super Six playoff using only conference winners with two teams receiving byes.
  5. Champions League system with pool play and a four team knockout tournament.
I'm not addressing a four team (Plus One) system because that has already been discussed at length and it doesn't take much to advocate one more game. I also think that if there is a playoff, the six BCS conferences will want some guarantee their teams will be paid. That is why each system has at least six teams.

Each system would begin the first Thursday or Saturday after the conference championship weekend, with a week off prior to the National Championship Game on January 1st. The maximum amount of games played would be four per team in each system but the Super Six. The point of this is not to pick a favorite, although I love the Champions League idea. Hopefully, we can inspire some debate and build enough grassroots support to create change. It is true that the bowl committees run college football, and University presidents run colleges. But guess what? It is our donations and season ticket packages that fund college teams. At some point popular opinion will win. Right?

The systems will be presented over the next week. Coming up, the 16-team playoff.