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Number One In Everything

First it was Basketball in 2006, and then Urban Meyer led us to a title in the desert. A few months later Billy Donovan and his `Oh Fours' repeated their feat in Atlanta.

The fall has been marked by individual triumphs. Tim Tebow became the first 20-20 man and first sophomore to win the Heisman. And a young man named Andrew Meyer acted like an idiot and got on every news show between Gainesville and Germany. Today, Andrew Meyer reaches the pinnacle. From MSNBC and Reuters...(HT:Nat Boydalicious)

"Don't tase me, bro," a phrase that swept the nation after a U.S. college student used it seeking to stop campus police from throwing him out of a speech by Sen. John Kerry, was named Wednesday as the most memorable quote of 2007.
Fred R. Shapiro, the editor of the Yale Book of Quotations, said the plea made by University of Florida student Andrew Meyer on Sep. 17, accompanied by Meyer's screams as he was tased, beat out the racial slur that cost shock jock Don Imus his job and the Iranian president's declaration that his country does not have homosexuals.

Andrew Meyer defeated another person on the bottom of the IQ scale as Miss Teen South Carolina's rambling answer as to why Americans can not find Iraq on a map was second. Both were saved by the fact that they attend football powerhouses; Andrew Meyer has no shame and remains at UF, while Miss Teen South Carolina is a freshman at Appalachian State. Andrew Meyer also beat Senator Larry Craig's "wide stance" quote.

Let me take this time to also clear something up. Andrew Meyer is a Telecommunications major. But he's in production. And as a proud holder of a Telecommunications-News degree, I please ask that people remember this fact. Production kids played `Magic The Gathering' in middle school and rarely get hair cuts. News kids can name the Gainesville City Commission and tell you why Pat McMahon was fired. We also get hair cuts and the girls in our major are cute. These are the facts and they are indisputable. Thank you. We now return to regular programming.