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Gator Basketball vs. Charleston Southern Mini-Preview

There is only one thing to say about this game; if Florida plays as badly tonight as they did against Georgia Southern, they won't even make the NIT. I don't care if they win. Saturday we saw a team unwilling to get inside and unless you can shoot lights out, you can't do that. We also saw a team that wanted to play with the cruise control on and only hit the gas after they were down 11 points to GEORGIA FREAKING SOUTHERN.

More of a concern is that our 10-1 is a pretty soft 10-1. Against a FSU squad that lost to USF, they looked intimidated and couldn't shoot. The Gators have consistently started slow and have only been saved by their talent. But you can't win on talent alone.

Compare that to Kentucky who is 4-5, but has played North Carolina, Indiana, and lost last night at Houston. Yes, I think Billy Gillespie is horribly overrated and it would bring me so much pleasure to see them in the basement. But, there is some value to running your kids through a gauntlet. Remember the Oh Fours winning the College Hoops Classic in Madison Square Garden as an unranked team? I think you know how that season finished.

There is one way to remove all of this doubt. Defeat Charleston Southern tonight easily and destroy Ohio State Saturday. I hope the young kids know that's part of the Gator tradition.