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It is so much fun ripping on Florida State and their fantastic academic reputation. In fact, let's take a look at some of the best stories in the past week.

  1. I got to pull out the `I HATE FSU' jersey and an Everclear (the band, not the liquor) reference when ESPN broke the story Tuesday.
  2. EDSBS was laughing like a child at FSU's misfortune.
  3. Losers With Socks took time away from chasing UF to note that the FSU scandal helps the SEC since Kentucky plays them in the Music City Bowl. Remember folks, it's Bowl Season, you root for every SEC team, no matter how much you hate them.
  4. Orange and Blue Hue engaged in the dark art of yellow journalism. But it's ok because they went after Public Enemy No. 1; Geno Hayes.
These are blogs. But, they don't have the influence that the St. Petersburg Times has. Which makes this editorial calling for Bobby Bowden to retire even better.
After national championships and Heisman Trophy winners and too many comebacks to count, the memories of Florida State coach Bobby Bowden patrolling the sidelines will always be heartwarming. But such affection should not cloud reality. It is time to honor his extraordinary dedication to the university and celebrate his historic accomplishments. It is time for Bowden to retire.

It's not the end of the record string of Top 5 final rankings fading with time or the slide from national title games to the Music City Bowl. It's some two dozen players being suspended from the team because of academic misconduct. It's appearing increasingly out of touch at 78 years old while padding the career victory total at the expense of a remarkable legacy and a dignified exit.

"Out of touch" is a nice phrase for a college coach, isn't it? Actually, I keep imagining Bowden like the Cuban President in `Godfather: Part II' on New Years' Eve. He's telling everyone that things are looking good, but to get the hell out of Havana/Tallahassee because Castro/Jimbo Fisher is here to kill us. Although, I don't know who Michael and Fredo Corleone would be.

While the comments below the editorial suggest otherwise, I think the article is pretty tame. The Times, which is stocked with Gator grads, really could have shelled Bowden and chose not to.

You have to remember this isn't an angry old white sportswriter reading this. It's a legit newspaper. There were people reading this story today who were probably furious that academics have been thrown out the window at the State's third place university. There are also the people who have FSU degrees and have watched the gap between UF and FSU widen while USF is making up ground quickly. Granted, those people probably only had time to read half the editorial before getting ready for their Domino's route.

Jokes aside, it's not just Bowden that is real trouble. It's the whole athletic department. Heads are going to roll, and it may start with ole Bobby. If the NCAA comes in, their scorched policy will annihilate the Noles even worse than Urban ever could.