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It's An Early Christmas Present!

The hits keep coming for Florida State. From ESPN and the AP;

Thirty-four Florida State players won't be going to the Dec. 31 Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl against Kentucky because of an academic cheating scandal, other violations of team rules or injuries.

34? Holy crap, how do you get 34 guys suspended for one game?

"It is very important that the media make clear that those missing the bowl trip are not included because of either injury or for a violation of team policy," associate athletic director Rob Wilson said in a statement accompanying the travel list. "It would be irresponsible to imply or state that any or all of the student-athletes will miss the trip for one particular reason."

Yes, let's protect the privacy of these athletes. It's perfectly ok to reveal their SAT scores, 40 times, and how many high schools they attended when they are recruited. But how dare we ask that universities reveal why a player is suspended or if they are not making grades. Why is it that a student's privacy laws only apply after an athletic department decides they can be applied?

My rant against the hypocrisy of football teams using federal privacy laws aside, FSU's action today is absolutely awesome. I know two FSU grads and they are pretty embarrassed at this and they aren't even big football fans (baseball and hockey instead). I can't even imagine what other alums are feeling today. Plus, is FSU going to get IM football players to fill out the bowl roster? Because that would be hilarious too. I'm acting like a UF snob here, but I can't help it.

(Seriously, I have an unhealthy dislike for FSU. It's even worse than my hatred for the Red Sox, which is blasphemous for a Yankee fan to say. And I know UF has had problems. But I was a toddler in New York. It doesn't count against my snobbery.)

Update [2007-12-22 15:0:18 by mlmintampa]: It's now being reported that THIRTY SIX players are out. It just gets better and better.