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Gator Basketball vs. Ohio State Preview

I don't know what to make of this game. According to the numbers, Florida should have the edge. The Gators have the edge in points per game (82.6 to 69), shooting percentage (51.9 to 46.1), and three point percentage (40.3 to 37.6) which was the difference in the national title game.

But Ohio State has defeated Syracuse, and has lost to Texas A&M, North Carolina, and Butler. You can't compare Florida's schedule to Ohio State's, so you can't really compare stats. It's easy to say that OSU will win because they have been tested, while UF's test was Georgia Southern.

If UF wants to win, it will have to do what they did against Ohio State the last time out; beat them in the backcourt.

Marreese Speights has potential, but he can't control his body inside. Against OSU seven-footer Kosta Koufos, he may foul out in the first half. Last year, Noah, Horford, and Richard could rotate against Greg Oden. I doubt that Alex Tyus or Dan Werner will be able to work in a similar manner. Forget about playing in the paint today.

Jai Lucas needs to stop being shy and start chucking from long range. (Among Gators with double digit 3pt attempts, Lucas is sixth of seven players with 26 attempts.) Enough of this dribble, drive, and stop. If he's going to do that, he needs to be setting people up, not grinding the offense to a halt. I'm not concerned with Calathes because he can work in any spot. Walt Hodge needs to stop being the invisible man, and score some points. I'm tired of only hearing his name when he fouls someone.

The Gators can win. But if they don't, remember who has the rings.